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Liberal Policy = Cut and Run, Defeat, Loss

npw.jpg cutrun.jpg howard-dean-angry.jpg VOTE democrat.jpg AND GET THISchavez1.jpg ki1.jpg iran_nuclear_ahmadinejadsff_vah101_20060428073952.jpg mushrrom.jpg

Voting for Democrats on Tuesday will open up the door for a Liberal agenda to be pushed through and that agenda will allow those who practice militant Islam to come here and, well do what it is they want to do to us…Kill Us.

“If we quit Iraq they will follow us home. If they are defeated in Iraq, it does not mean the end of them. It does mean, however, that the wind will be knocked out of them. It means they will have suffered a set back that will take them almost as long to overcome as it took us to get over Vietnam.

But you say that we’ve already lost in Iraq. If you don’t believe it just watch CNN.”


2 Responses

  1. This is just the sort of fear mongering that has become the hallmark of the Republican Party. It saddens me that the party of Abraham Lincoln has become the party of deceit. Please give the Republican Party back to those who do not have a relgious agenda and give it back to those who care about reducing the government’s intrusion into our lives and fiscal prudency. Please – debate the issue and leave the propoganda out of it.

  2. No propaganda here, this is what will happen if we pullout of Iraq. Pulling out of Iraq is something that the Democrats said they will do.

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