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On Terrorist Hatred and Liberal Policy

The Democratic Party and liberals who claim to be “not a Democrat” have been basing their lives and political aspirations on what they perceive as a failure in Iraq.

“The principal argument that Democrats must make is that Bush policies have undermined U.S. national security [by inciting more hatred against America and increasing the terrorist threat], and that we are determined to fix that,” said Zbigniew Brzezinski, a former national security adviser to President Carter. Mr. Brzezinski has proposed that the U.S. and Iraq jointly announce a date for a U.S. pullout of forces.”

I can understand the terrorists/murderers being upset that Bush policies have led to the liberation of Iraq. Iraq is a key territory in the region, a democracy there is bad for the terrorists/murderers future plans. What I don’t see is the undermining of U.S. national security that Mr. Zbigniew speaks of. He says that Bush policies have incited more hatred from the terrorists/murderers.

My question is, Were the terrorists/murderers our good buddies on September 11, 2001?

If not on 9/11/01, were they our best friends forever on October 12, 2000 before they killed 17 U.S. soldiers by bombing the USS Cole?

Wait, Wait, Wait a minute, I’ve got it, the terrorists/murderers were our bosom buddies on June 25, 1996 when they snuggled up to our service men and women in the Khobar towers and blew them up.

What? That wasn’t a friendly thing to do? Well my goodness, then it had to be on February 26, 1993 when terrorist/murderer Ramzi Yousef thought it would be a nice friendly thing to do by leaving 1500lbs of explosives in a Ryder truck that was parked in the garage at the World Trade Center. Detonating it was his friendly handshake.

The Democratic Party wants you to believe that it is our fault that the terrorists/murderers hate us, Democrats want to tell you to your face that it is your fault and my fault. Just remember that when Democrats want to tell the terrorists/murderers the date of our Iraq pullout.

Mark that date on your calendar, and prepare to not head over to the mall or head to a football game for fear of being befriended by another one of your best terrorist/murderer friends.


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