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Democrats Prepare For Alternate Path To Power: Claiming Republican Voter Fraud

The Democrats have themselves convinced that they won this election 2 weeks ago. The major polling groups have the Democrats taking control of Congress. The Democrats are so convinced that of victory, to them, there will be only one reason for any sort of Republican success, voter fraud. It is a weapon that Democrats used after the 2000 election and then again in 2004. For all of the arrogance that we have seen from Democrats about winning this election, they have to have a scapegoat just in case they come out looking like even bigger buffoons than they do today. That scapegoat is that Republicans cheat, Republicans commit voter fraud, Republicans work with the voting machine companies to steal elections.

One liberal blog I lurk around hopped on the Republican voter fraud bandwagon today. This guy is setting himself and other liberals up with an excuse if they do not gain the power they so covet. The excuse is of course those cheating Republicans.

“The only way at this point that you don’t see major gains for the Democrats in this election would be widespread electoral fraud by Republicans.”

It couldn’t possibly be a failure on the part of pollsters, or an effort by pollsters to sway the election before it happens. No way, Democrats wouldn’t cheat. Dead people deserve to vote too!

“All the polls are on the Democratic side — it would take the biggest failure in political science and polling history for the Republicans to make gains in this election.”

“It’s not possible that the millions of people could realize in a one-day period that all the evidence they’ve seen over the last few years and particularly over the last few weeks has all been wrong and the lies the Republicans have been pushing were right all along.”

It is not likely that millions of people could change their minds over night, it certainly is possible. It also may not be that people are changing their minds in a 24 hour period, it may be that the polls are wrong, for whatever reason. Liberals don’t think that way, if they did, there would be no scapegoat.

A fatal mistake is listening to the polls that are out there today, polling has become more and more political over the last few elections so much so, Democrats need to have that scapegoat waiting in the wings, especially when the pollsters have an agenda.

By the way, A quick google search for “Voter Fraud Indictment” found the first three links were that of Democrats or liberal groups in trouble for voter fraud.

So, less than a week before the midterm elections, four workers from Acorn, the liberal activist group that has registered millions of voters, have been indicted by a federal grand jury for submitting false voter registration forms to the Kansas City, Missouri, election board. But hey, who needs voter ID laws?

Don’t be fooled by hate filled Democrats and agenda backed polls. If you do fall for that, Democrats like Senator John Kerry might just tell everyone a “joke” about how stupid you are.


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