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Soldiers Believe in Bush, Say Leaving Iraq “Would Have Devastating Consequences”

Buried on page 13a of today’s Washington Post is a story that echoes the sentiment of the Republicans and flies in the face of the liberal, Democrat propagnda aimed at fooling the voters tomorrow. In this article we hear from soldiers on the ground about how Iraq is going. My only question, where was this story last month, or the month prior to that?

“This is a worthwhile endeavor,” said Maj. Gen. Benjamin Mixon, commander of Multinational Division North and the 25th
Infantry Division. “Nothing that is worthwhile is usually easy, and we need to give this more time for it to all come together. We all want to come home, but we have a significant investment here, and we need to give the Iraqi army and the Iraqi people a chance to succeed.”

Republicans have held this sentiment since the War on Terror began, Democrats have taken a constant defeatist view of the Iraq battle and have beaten a steady drum of cut and run. Republican officials have recently decided to re-think some strategies, none that involve being a giving up and quitting.

“Leading Democrats have argued for a timeline to bring U.S. troops home, because obvious progress has been elusive, especially in Baghdad, and even some Republican lawmakers have recently called for a change in strategy. But soldiers criticized the idea of a precipitate withdrawal, largely because they believe their hard work would go for naught.”

Democrats have politicized the battle in Iraq and in the process have politicized the very lives of the soldiers who are fighting for us and for a free Iraq. The soldiers themselves have taken the high road and are focusing on the job at hand and what needs to be done to win. They have decided to leave politics out of their jobs. They support the path that President Bush has lead them down, a path that could turn into the worst U-turn in history if, Democrats are allowed to start the engine of the 2006 CutNrun.

The soldiers declined to discuss the political jousting back home, but they expressed support for the Bush administration’s approach to the war, which they described as sticking with a tumultuous situation to give Iraq a chance to stand on its own.”

The war on terror has been billed as a new, different type of war than any that have ever been fought before. The United States stands strong and proud in our uniforms without having a “redcoat”, a “blue” or a “grey” to target. The Democrats constant belittling of our military shows the contempt they have for this war and it’s soldiers. The Democrats have only one plan for the war on terror, that plan is to give up.

“Capt. Mike Lingenfelter, 32, of Panhandle, Tex., said that U.S. troops have earned the trust of residents in Tall Afar over the past couple of years and that leaving now would send the wrong message. His Comanche Troop of the 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment is working with Iraqi forces to give them control of the city.

“We’ll pull their feet out from under them if we leave,” Lingenfelter said.

Don’t let Democrats, liberals, defeatists, quitters, whatever you feel like calling them, Cut and Run on these soldiers and the War on Terror. It has been said before and it cannot be stressed enough, “If we quit in Iraq, they will follow us home.”


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