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Exercise Your Right! GO VOTE!


As you are heading to the polls, keep in mind what is at stake in this election. If we allow the Democrats to gain control, we as Americans can expect our taxes to rise and expect all our efforts thus far in the War on Terror to be undermined more than the liberals have already undermined it.

The Democrats who will take control are ones who laugh at our military and the lives they lead. The Democrats are the ones who will cut funding for our troops and pull them out, opening the door for the terrorists/murderers to follow us home and attack us at our schools, malls, movie theaters, sporting events and even in our very neighborhoods and houses.

The Democrats who will take control are ones who will undermine everything our country was founded on in order to negotiate with terrorists/murderers because they want the terrorists/murderers to think that they are nice people.

Do not let these Democrats sell our country out because they worry about what terrorists think about us and how they feel.


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