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Democrats Take House, Will The Senate Follow?

The Democrats delivered on their promise of a takeover of the House and as of this morning it looks as if the Senate will swing to the left as well. The Democrats should be credited for running a campaign that likely picked up votes from undecided voters and from moderate and liberal Republicans. I heard one comment last night that pretty much summed it up and I am paraphrasing,

“The Republicans did a good job of turning out the vote, unfortunately, they didn’t all vote Republican.”

It looks as if a few networks are still not calling the Senate races in Virginia and Montana, it does appear though that Democrats have taken those seats barring any re-counts or legal challenges.

What does all of this mean? Well it means that liberals gained the vote of conservatives who are tired of the war and who were fed up with the scandals of their party. It pretty much means that you can throw a ‘W’ in the media’s column. The media played a major role in leading up to the election by hammering on the scandals of Republicans while ignoring for the most part, scandals of Democrats. I am not making an excuse for Republicans, it’s just my opinion. The scandals involving Republicans are their own fault and that is what happens when you risk your career for money, fame or danger.

It also means the Democrats have recovered the Republican fumble and can try to make their way towards the proverbial goal line. The question is, is it America’s goal line or that of a liberal Democrat agenda. I feel that the Democrats do not really want to do it for America, I feel that their goal line is one of power and glory and they have recovered what they think is a big score. I feel that the Democratic party faces, what is in my opinion, a fight for their own identity over the next two years.

  • Will the Democrats stay fiscally conservative as they made themselves out to be during this campaign?
  • Will the Democrats stay strong in the War on Terror and not cut and run?
  • Will the Democrats raise the minimum wage, therefore increasing the unemployment rate?
  • Will the Democrats head down a path to repeal the Bush tax cuts?
  • Will the Democrats keep us safe at home?
  • Will the Democrats continue to undermine our troops?

These questions and many more will actually define the Democratic party for the 2008 election. I feel this victory for the Democrats is one that will force them to either alienate their base or alienate the “undecideds” and the moderate Republicans who voted for them here in 2006. Depending on the agenda they choose, they will most likely loose support.

I hope the Republicans hopefully will have learned the valuable lesson “you reap what you sow”.

The same lesson starts for Democrats and the moderate Republicans who voted for them today.


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