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Bio of The Seven Hills

A man of knowledge uses words with restraint,
and a man of understanding is even-tempered.

Proverbs 17:27 NIV


One Response

  1. Dear Seven Hills Patriot:

    We’ve read your blog and now respectfully seek your help in the battle against left-wing censorship. Like you, we are ardent, passionate conservatives—which is to say, we are patriots: both of us retired Air Force officers.

    We respectfully ask for your support on your blog: No, we don’t want money…just a favorable word or two if you feel it is warranted.

    Our purpose in writing to you is two-fold: first, please know that we DO have a commercial motive. But second, we do have a conservative political purpose as well.

    We are the co-authors of Seventh Psalm, a 600-page action thriller work of fiction that features western heroism in the ongoing war on terror. That’s why we could not get past the ultra-liberal New York literary mafia….nor could we obtain a mainstream publisher: their very pronounced political agenda forbade them from doing business with us. The libs simply will not make any public reference to American and western honor, bravery or heroism in the war on terror. Call ‘em battle scars from the culture wars….

    “It’s a great read…a true page-turner!” we were told by the NY literary libs…who ALSO said, “but we’re not going to publish ANY book that glorifies Bush or his illegal wars!”

    We heard that a lot. We were shocked. We had no idea the liberal literaria was REALLY that close-minded.

    But, undaunted, we finally found a small publisher and now we’re engaged in a grassroots, word-of-mouth effort to tell our story, make a buck, and try to highlight the heroism of those who fight against Islamofascism on a daily basis. We’re on Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble and several other on-line outlets…but we need to get the word out: That’s why we respectfully turn to you. We ask for your “voice” in support of our book on your blog.

    Seventh Psalm is really a darned good book, it’s a heckuva read and, at 600+ pages, it’s a very nice bargain…even if we do say so ourselves!

    Based upon the lives of real people and actual events, many of which were NEVER reported—SEVENTH PSALM reaches the pinnacle for action thrillers in the new millennium: Terror attacks in New York and England generate a three-continent search for the terrorist leader who has assumed Osama bin Laden’s role as the “world’s most wanted.” The pursuit is joined by a battle-hardened British SAS officer and his beautiful cohort from Israel’s ultra-secret Shin Bet. The pair join forces in the chase for the terrorists and Iraq’s missing cache of WMD…as US Air Force F-15s swarm into battle and Israeli tanks blast into action against new and unexpected enemies! SEVENTH PSALM races from the shifting battle lines in the war on terror to the ravages of war-torn Sudan; from the halls of power in London and Washington to the back alleys of Berlin and Hamburg…All with shocking results that leap from the headlines of tomorrow’s London Times!

    Through the lives and actions of four major characters; British SAS officer, Colin Blackford and his love interest, an Israeli Shin Bet operative; a rogue Palestinian terrorist, Mustafa Quomuz, and a German female terrorist (a child of the Bader-Meinhof faction) SEVENTH PSALM answers “THE” question: What became of Saddam Hussein’s WMD? SEVENTH PSALM features vibrant military action and political intrigue and explains the day-to-day vigilance of those who serve on the front lines of the global war on terror. SEVENTH PSALM highlights the new “hot spots” where the war on terror will next erupt and takes you to places on the globe never reported on the nightly news!

    “Jonathan Bruce,” is the pen name of co-authors John Schumacher and Bruce Smith. Both are 20+ year US Air Force veterans who provide a behind-the-scenes perspective from inside the halls of power, to the flight line, to the battle lines of the war on terror. Both of us “know;” we’ve “been there!”

    John H. Schumacher is a retired US Air Force Judge Advocate. During his career, he spent three years at RAF Bentwaters, and was present there when USAF F-111 fighter/bombers flew from the U.K. to bomb Libya in April 1986. Subsequently, John spent three years at the Air Force Special Operations Command Headquarters at Hurlburt Field, Florida. He has extensive experience in the real-world, “black ops,” application of the Geneva Conventions, International Law, and the Law of War. John has deployed to Somalia, Kenya, Bosnia and Honduras. In his civilian capacity, John is now a judge with the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission in Washington, DC.

    Bruce T. Smith is a retired US Air Force Judge Advocate. During his career, he spent three years at RAF Lakenheath, which was one of the U.K. bases from which American F-111 fighter/bombers attacked Libya in April 1986. He won acclaims by the United States Air Forces in Europe for his command-wide knowledge in the Law of Armed Conflict. After obtaining his Masters of Law degree in International Law at the University of Virginia/US Army JAG School, Bruce was an instructor at Air University and later spent three years in a highly-classified billet at HQ CENTAF during the Iraq war. He then served for three years as a Military Judge, presiding over military courts-martial throughout the United States. He has extensive teaching experience in military justice, the Law of Armed Conflict and International Military Operations. Bruce is now a judge with the Department of Homeland Security, headquartered in Washington, DC.

    Seventh Psalm is available in the US at Barnes & Noble on line at http://www.BN.com.


    …and also on Amazon.com


    This is a great book. It IS a page-turner and, perhaps, one day—it will be a great movie. But not without help from people like you.

    Questions? Please contact us at:


    Best regards,

    Bruce T. Smith, Lt Col, USAFR (Ret)

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