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WoW! If Hillary’s supporters want this, what will she do?


If anything was obvious in Tuesday’s Democrat debate, it was that Hillary Clinton seethed with anger. She was visibly angry and the inflection and tone in her voice attested to it. Judging by first hand accounts of various advisers and officials close to the Clintons over the years, I would expect that some volunteer had to be the one grabbing their ankles Tuesday night.

To those who have actually listened to former associates of the Clintons, Hillary’s anger is nothing new. To those who are “new” to the Hillary experience and have chosen to not see her as she has always been, was Tuesday a wake up call?

Are some of the people who were Hillary supporters before the debate, at least a tiny bit hesitant about her being an emotional Kilauea? We worry about regular schmoes in everyday life who walk around with a smile on their face while the blood coursing through their veins is a cool 300 degrees. Why not worry about someone who has these characteristics and is running for President? I certainly do.

Hillary supporters don’t seem to mind their candidate being slightly unhinged though. Of course, it’s not their candidate who is the problem, it’s the guy who asked her a question, the guy who called her on something she had said, Tim Russert’s fault. The blame always lies with others on the Hillary campaign trail. One Hillary supporter, who participated in a Wednesday conference call with the campaign made her intentions known. According to The Hill.Com,

Another said Russert “should be shot,” before quickly adding that she shouldn’t say that on a conference call.

When you have supporters who have feelings like that, watch out my friend! The best part about Hillary’s meltdown in front of the country, is that she HAS done this before, but she has always done it behind closed doors, now it won’t be so easy to hide that wicked witch like anger she has been bottling up for awhile. We all know what happens when people bottle up their anger, the pressure build until it can’t be held in any longer and we see complete meltdown.

The cool thing is, Hillary will probably be the Democratic nominee and she will be hopefully facing more folks like a Tim Russert, who do not hold back on any candidate, Republican or Democrat. We need people to ask the tough questions and then continue to hammer that nail if they see where someone tries to get away with being on both sides of an issue. 

In closing, watch out for Hillary supporters out there, they just might think you need to be shot. 


Quoting The Candidates – Clinton

                                                                      digging for gold

Russert: Senator Clinton, I just want to make sure of what I heard. Do you, the New York senator, Hillary Clinton, support the New York governor’s plan to give illegal immigrants a driver’s license?You told the New Hampshire paper that it made a lot of sense. Do you support his plan?

Clinton: You know, Tim, this is where everybody plays “gotcha.” It makes a lot of sense. What is the governor supposed to do? He is dealing with a serious problems. We have failed. And George Bush has failed. Do I think this is the best thing for any governor to do? No. But do I understand the sense of real desperation, trying to get a handle on this? Remember, in New York, we want to know who’s in New York. We want people to come out of the shadows. He’s making an honest effort to do it. We should have passed immigration reform.

No Senator Clinton, this is not where everyone plays “gotcha”, this is where everyone calls you on something you said and you get defensive about it because now it makes you look bad.

Another good quote within this quote is,

“What is the governor supposed to do? He is dealing with a serious problems.”

You mean the Senator from New York and aspiring presidential candidate doesn’t know how to answer the immigration problem, she does not have a plan for immigration?

Maybe, Senator Clinton, just maybe, you could stand outside your New York residence and yell “Whooo Pig Sooooeee” and that might just do the trick for you.

A Day To Pause, Honor and, Remember


On this, the day we observe the founding of freedom in our country, it is important to remember that freedom comes at a cost. Without our brave soldiers, who are fighting now, those soldiers who have fought and those who have given all, we would have no freedom.

Without those who are willing to fight and willing to put up with hatred and criticism fired along with bullets in their direction, there would be no freedom to protect.

Without those that have died for you and me, there would be no America to protect.

 In honor of and rememberance of those who protect me and those who have sacrificed their very lives, thank you!

Hillary a fake? Everyone already knows this!

Today’s Wall Street Journal included an opinion column that points out the wavering, flip-flopping, unsteady mind of Hillary Clinton over the past 5 years. This kind of thinking and logic is very infantile and coming from someone who presents herself as a leader, is an absolute joke!

Here is what the Journal pointed out,

October 10, 2002. Mrs. Clinton addresses the Senate on the use-of-force resolution. “The facts that have brought us to this fateful vote are not in doubt,” she declares, citing Saddam’s record of using chemical weapons, the invasion of Kuwait, and his history of deceiving U.N. weapons inspectors. “As a result, President Clinton, with the British and others, ordered an intensive four-day air assault, Operation Desert Fox, on known and suspected weapons of mass destruction sites and other military targets,” she continues, adding that Saddam “has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including al Qaeda members.”

While she expresses her preference for working through the U.N. if possible, she adds, “I believe the authority to use force to enforce that mandate is inherent in the original 1991 U.N. resolution, as President Clinton recognized when he launched Operation Desert Fox in 1998.”

December 15, 2003. It is clear by now that no large stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction will be found in Iraq. But Mrs. Clinton tells the Council on Foreign Relations that “Yesterday was a good day. I was thrilled that Saddam Hussein had finally been captured. . . . We owe a great debt of gratitude to our troops, to the President, to our intelligence services, to all who had a hand in apprehending Saddam. Now he will be brought to justice.”

She adds, “I was one who supported giving President Bush the authority, if necessary, to use force against Saddam Hussein. I believe that that was the right vote.” As for Iraq’s prospects, she declares herself “a little optimistic and a little pessimistic . . . We have no option but to stay involved and committed.”

April 20, 2004. Mrs. Clinton tells Larry King: “I don’t regret giving the President the authority because at the time it was in the context of weapons of mass destruction, grave threats to the United States, and clearly, Saddam Hussein had been a real problem for the international community for more than a decade.” Asked whether she thinks she was “fooled,” she replies: “The consensus was the same, from the Clinton Administration to the Bush Administration. It was the same intelligence belief that our allies and friends around the world shared about the weapons of mass destruction.”

October 2005. Antiwar fervor on the left is picking up, and activist Cindy Sheehan compares her to Rush Limbaugh after Mrs. Clinton tells the Village Voice: “My bottom line is that I don’t want their sons to die in vain. . . . I don’t believe it’s smart to set a date for withdrawal . . . I don’t think it’s the right time to withdraw.”

November 2005. Mrs. Clinton posts a letter to constituents that marks her first dovish turn. “If Congress had been asked [to authorize the war], based on what we know now, we never would have agreed,” she writes. But invoking retired General Eric Shinseki’s estimate of more American troops necessary to pacify Iraq, she demands not withdrawal but a new plan: “It is time for the President to stop serving up platitudes and present us with a plan for finishing this war with success and honor–not a rigid timetable that terrorists can exploit, but a public plan for winning and concluding the war.”

August 3, 2006. Mrs. Clinton calls for Donald Rumsfeld to resign as Defense Secretary, asking for “new leadership that would give us a fighting chance to turn the situation around before it’s too late.”

December 18, 2006. Her march left gains speed. On NBC’s “Today” show, Mrs. Clinton renounces her war vote unequivocally for the first time: “I certainly wouldn’t have voted that way.”

January 13, 2007. From Baghdad, Mrs. Clinton responds to Mr. Bush’s plan to send more troops to Iraq to secure Baghdad: “I don’t know that the American people or the Congress at this point believe this mission can work. And in the absence of a commitment that is backed up by actions from the Iraqi government, why should we believe it?”

January 17, 2007. Mrs. Clinton calls for capping the number of U.S. troops in Iraq, saying she will introduce legislation to do so. And while she says she won’t block money for the troops, she suggests withholding funds for the Iraqi government. It is precisely such a funds cut-off to the South Vietnamese government in 1975 that led to the final U.S. flight from Saigon.

January 27, 2007. On the campaign trail in Iowa, Mrs. Clinton demands that President Bush “extricate our country from this before he leaves office.” And she promises that, if elected, she will end the war quickl

Exercise Your Right! GO VOTE!


As you are heading to the polls, keep in mind what is at stake in this election. If we allow the Democrats to gain control, we as Americans can expect our taxes to rise and expect all our efforts thus far in the War on Terror to be undermined more than the liberals have already undermined it.

The Democrats who will take control are ones who laugh at our military and the lives they lead. The Democrats are the ones who will cut funding for our troops and pull them out, opening the door for the terrorists/murderers to follow us home and attack us at our schools, malls, movie theaters, sporting events and even in our very neighborhoods and houses.

The Democrats who will take control are ones who will undermine everything our country was founded on in order to negotiate with terrorists/murderers because they want the terrorists/murderers to think that they are nice people.

Do not let these Democrats sell our country out because they worry about what terrorists think about us and how they feel.

Democrats Prepare For Alternate Path To Power: Claiming Republican Voter Fraud

The Democrats have themselves convinced that they won this election 2 weeks ago. The major polling groups have the Democrats taking control of Congress. The Democrats are so convinced that of victory, to them, there will be only one reason for any sort of Republican success, voter fraud. It is a weapon that Democrats used after the 2000 election and then again in 2004. For all of the arrogance that we have seen from Democrats about winning this election, they have to have a scapegoat just in case they come out looking like even bigger buffoons than they do today. That scapegoat is that Republicans cheat, Republicans commit voter fraud, Republicans work with the voting machine companies to steal elections.

One liberal blog I lurk around hopped on the Republican voter fraud bandwagon today. This guy is setting himself and other liberals up with an excuse if they do not gain the power they so covet. The excuse is of course those cheating Republicans.

“The only way at this point that you don’t see major gains for the Democrats in this election would be widespread electoral fraud by Republicans.”

It couldn’t possibly be a failure on the part of pollsters, or an effort by pollsters to sway the election before it happens. No way, Democrats wouldn’t cheat. Dead people deserve to vote too!

“All the polls are on the Democratic side — it would take the biggest failure in political science and polling history for the Republicans to make gains in this election.”

“It’s not possible that the millions of people could realize in a one-day period that all the evidence they’ve seen over the last few years and particularly over the last few weeks has all been wrong and the lies the Republicans have been pushing were right all along.”

It is not likely that millions of people could change their minds over night, it certainly is possible. It also may not be that people are changing their minds in a 24 hour period, it may be that the polls are wrong, for whatever reason. Liberals don’t think that way, if they did, there would be no scapegoat.

A fatal mistake is listening to the polls that are out there today, polling has become more and more political over the last few elections so much so, Democrats need to have that scapegoat waiting in the wings, especially when the pollsters have an agenda.

By the way, A quick google search for “Voter Fraud Indictment” found the first three links were that of Democrats or liberal groups in trouble for voter fraud.

So, less than a week before the midterm elections, four workers from Acorn, the liberal activist group that has registered millions of voters, have been indicted by a federal grand jury for submitting false voter registration forms to the Kansas City, Missouri, election board. But hey, who needs voter ID laws?

Don’t be fooled by hate filled Democrats and agenda backed polls. If you do fall for that, Democrats like Senator John Kerry might just tell everyone a “joke” about how stupid you are.

Soldiers Believe in Bush, Say Leaving Iraq “Would Have Devastating Consequences”

Buried on page 13a of today’s Washington Post is a story that echoes the sentiment of the Republicans and flies in the face of the liberal, Democrat propagnda aimed at fooling the voters tomorrow. In this article we hear from soldiers on the ground about how Iraq is going. My only question, where was this story last month, or the month prior to that?

“This is a worthwhile endeavor,” said Maj. Gen. Benjamin Mixon, commander of Multinational Division North and the 25th
Infantry Division. “Nothing that is worthwhile is usually easy, and we need to give this more time for it to all come together. We all want to come home, but we have a significant investment here, and we need to give the Iraqi army and the Iraqi people a chance to succeed.”

Republicans have held this sentiment since the War on Terror began, Democrats have taken a constant defeatist view of the Iraq battle and have beaten a steady drum of cut and run. Republican officials have recently decided to re-think some strategies, none that involve being a giving up and quitting.

“Leading Democrats have argued for a timeline to bring U.S. troops home, because obvious progress has been elusive, especially in Baghdad, and even some Republican lawmakers have recently called for a change in strategy. But soldiers criticized the idea of a precipitate withdrawal, largely because they believe their hard work would go for naught.”

Democrats have politicized the battle in Iraq and in the process have politicized the very lives of the soldiers who are fighting for us and for a free Iraq. The soldiers themselves have taken the high road and are focusing on the job at hand and what needs to be done to win. They have decided to leave politics out of their jobs. They support the path that President Bush has lead them down, a path that could turn into the worst U-turn in history if, Democrats are allowed to start the engine of the 2006 CutNrun.

The soldiers declined to discuss the political jousting back home, but they expressed support for the Bush administration’s approach to the war, which they described as sticking with a tumultuous situation to give Iraq a chance to stand on its own.”

The war on terror has been billed as a new, different type of war than any that have ever been fought before. The United States stands strong and proud in our uniforms without having a “redcoat”, a “blue” or a “grey” to target. The Democrats constant belittling of our military shows the contempt they have for this war and it’s soldiers. The Democrats have only one plan for the war on terror, that plan is to give up.

“Capt. Mike Lingenfelter, 32, of Panhandle, Tex., said that U.S. troops have earned the trust of residents in Tall Afar over the past couple of years and that leaving now would send the wrong message. His Comanche Troop of the 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment is working with Iraqi forces to give them control of the city.

“We’ll pull their feet out from under them if we leave,” Lingenfelter said.

Don’t let Democrats, liberals, defeatists, quitters, whatever you feel like calling them, Cut and Run on these soldiers and the War on Terror. It has been said before and it cannot be stressed enough, “If we quit in Iraq, they will follow us home.”