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Exercise Your Right! GO VOTE!


As you are heading to the polls, keep in mind what is at stake in this election. If we allow the Democrats to gain control, we as Americans can expect our taxes to rise and expect all our efforts thus far in the War on Terror to be undermined more than the liberals have already undermined it.

The Democrats who will take control are ones who laugh at our military and the lives they lead. The Democrats are the ones who will cut funding for our troops and pull them out, opening the door for the terrorists/murderers to follow us home and attack us at our schools, malls, movie theaters, sporting events and even in our very neighborhoods and houses.

The Democrats who will take control are ones who will undermine everything our country was founded on in order to negotiate with terrorists/murderers because they want the terrorists/murderers to think that they are nice people.

Do not let these Democrats sell our country out because they worry about what terrorists think about us and how they feel.


Democrats Prepare For Alternate Path To Power: Claiming Republican Voter Fraud

The Democrats have themselves convinced that they won this election 2 weeks ago. The major polling groups have the Democrats taking control of Congress. The Democrats are so convinced that of victory, to them, there will be only one reason for any sort of Republican success, voter fraud. It is a weapon that Democrats used after the 2000 election and then again in 2004. For all of the arrogance that we have seen from Democrats about winning this election, they have to have a scapegoat just in case they come out looking like even bigger buffoons than they do today. That scapegoat is that Republicans cheat, Republicans commit voter fraud, Republicans work with the voting machine companies to steal elections.

One liberal blog I lurk around hopped on the Republican voter fraud bandwagon today. This guy is setting himself and other liberals up with an excuse if they do not gain the power they so covet. The excuse is of course those cheating Republicans.

“The only way at this point that you don’t see major gains for the Democrats in this election would be widespread electoral fraud by Republicans.”

It couldn’t possibly be a failure on the part of pollsters, or an effort by pollsters to sway the election before it happens. No way, Democrats wouldn’t cheat. Dead people deserve to vote too!

“All the polls are on the Democratic side — it would take the biggest failure in political science and polling history for the Republicans to make gains in this election.”

“It’s not possible that the millions of people could realize in a one-day period that all the evidence they’ve seen over the last few years and particularly over the last few weeks has all been wrong and the lies the Republicans have been pushing were right all along.”

It is not likely that millions of people could change their minds over night, it certainly is possible. It also may not be that people are changing their minds in a 24 hour period, it may be that the polls are wrong, for whatever reason. Liberals don’t think that way, if they did, there would be no scapegoat.

A fatal mistake is listening to the polls that are out there today, polling has become more and more political over the last few elections so much so, Democrats need to have that scapegoat waiting in the wings, especially when the pollsters have an agenda.

By the way, A quick google search for “Voter Fraud Indictment” found the first three links were that of Democrats or liberal groups in trouble for voter fraud.

So, less than a week before the midterm elections, four workers from Acorn, the liberal activist group that has registered millions of voters, have been indicted by a federal grand jury for submitting false voter registration forms to the Kansas City, Missouri, election board. But hey, who needs voter ID laws?

Don’t be fooled by hate filled Democrats and agenda backed polls. If you do fall for that, Democrats like Senator John Kerry might just tell everyone a “joke” about how stupid you are.

Soldiers Believe in Bush, Say Leaving Iraq “Would Have Devastating Consequences”

Buried on page 13a of today’s Washington Post is a story that echoes the sentiment of the Republicans and flies in the face of the liberal, Democrat propagnda aimed at fooling the voters tomorrow. In this article we hear from soldiers on the ground about how Iraq is going. My only question, where was this story last month, or the month prior to that?

“This is a worthwhile endeavor,” said Maj. Gen. Benjamin Mixon, commander of Multinational Division North and the 25th
Infantry Division. “Nothing that is worthwhile is usually easy, and we need to give this more time for it to all come together. We all want to come home, but we have a significant investment here, and we need to give the Iraqi army and the Iraqi people a chance to succeed.”

Republicans have held this sentiment since the War on Terror began, Democrats have taken a constant defeatist view of the Iraq battle and have beaten a steady drum of cut and run. Republican officials have recently decided to re-think some strategies, none that involve being a giving up and quitting.

“Leading Democrats have argued for a timeline to bring U.S. troops home, because obvious progress has been elusive, especially in Baghdad, and even some Republican lawmakers have recently called for a change in strategy. But soldiers criticized the idea of a precipitate withdrawal, largely because they believe their hard work would go for naught.”

Democrats have politicized the battle in Iraq and in the process have politicized the very lives of the soldiers who are fighting for us and for a free Iraq. The soldiers themselves have taken the high road and are focusing on the job at hand and what needs to be done to win. They have decided to leave politics out of their jobs. They support the path that President Bush has lead them down, a path that could turn into the worst U-turn in history if, Democrats are allowed to start the engine of the 2006 CutNrun.

The soldiers declined to discuss the political jousting back home, but they expressed support for the Bush administration’s approach to the war, which they described as sticking with a tumultuous situation to give Iraq a chance to stand on its own.”

The war on terror has been billed as a new, different type of war than any that have ever been fought before. The United States stands strong and proud in our uniforms without having a “redcoat”, a “blue” or a “grey” to target. The Democrats constant belittling of our military shows the contempt they have for this war and it’s soldiers. The Democrats have only one plan for the war on terror, that plan is to give up.

“Capt. Mike Lingenfelter, 32, of Panhandle, Tex., said that U.S. troops have earned the trust of residents in Tall Afar over the past couple of years and that leaving now would send the wrong message. His Comanche Troop of the 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment is working with Iraqi forces to give them control of the city.

“We’ll pull their feet out from under them if we leave,” Lingenfelter said.

Don’t let Democrats, liberals, defeatists, quitters, whatever you feel like calling them, Cut and Run on these soldiers and the War on Terror. It has been said before and it cannot be stressed enough, “If we quit in Iraq, they will follow us home.”

Liberal Policy = Cut and Run, Defeat, Loss

npw.jpg cutrun.jpg howard-dean-angry.jpg VOTE democrat.jpg AND GET THISchavez1.jpg ki1.jpg iran_nuclear_ahmadinejadsff_vah101_20060428073952.jpg mushrrom.jpg

Voting for Democrats on Tuesday will open up the door for a Liberal agenda to be pushed through and that agenda will allow those who practice militant Islam to come here and, well do what it is they want to do to us…Kill Us.

“If we quit Iraq they will follow us home. If they are defeated in Iraq, it does not mean the end of them. It does mean, however, that the wind will be knocked out of them. It means they will have suffered a set back that will take them almost as long to overcome as it took us to get over Vietnam.

But you say that we’ve already lost in Iraq. If you don’t believe it just watch CNN.”

On Terrorist Hatred and Liberal Policy

The Democratic Party and liberals who claim to be “not a Democrat” have been basing their lives and political aspirations on what they perceive as a failure in Iraq.

“The principal argument that Democrats must make is that Bush policies have undermined U.S. national security [by inciting more hatred against America and increasing the terrorist threat], and that we are determined to fix that,” said Zbigniew Brzezinski, a former national security adviser to President Carter. Mr. Brzezinski has proposed that the U.S. and Iraq jointly announce a date for a U.S. pullout of forces.”

I can understand the terrorists/murderers being upset that Bush policies have led to the liberation of Iraq. Iraq is a key territory in the region, a democracy there is bad for the terrorists/murderers future plans. What I don’t see is the undermining of U.S. national security that Mr. Zbigniew speaks of. He says that Bush policies have incited more hatred from the terrorists/murderers.

My question is, Were the terrorists/murderers our good buddies on September 11, 2001?

If not on 9/11/01, were they our best friends forever on October 12, 2000 before they killed 17 U.S. soldiers by bombing the USS Cole?

Wait, Wait, Wait a minute, I’ve got it, the terrorists/murderers were our bosom buddies on June 25, 1996 when they snuggled up to our service men and women in the Khobar towers and blew them up.

What? That wasn’t a friendly thing to do? Well my goodness, then it had to be on February 26, 1993 when terrorist/murderer Ramzi Yousef thought it would be a nice friendly thing to do by leaving 1500lbs of explosives in a Ryder truck that was parked in the garage at the World Trade Center. Detonating it was his friendly handshake.

The Democratic Party wants you to believe that it is our fault that the terrorists/murderers hate us, Democrats want to tell you to your face that it is your fault and my fault. Just remember that when Democrats want to tell the terrorists/murderers the date of our Iraq pullout.

Mark that date on your calendar, and prepare to not head over to the mall or head to a football game for fear of being befriended by another one of your best terrorist/murderer friends.

U.S. Troops Know The Real Democratic Party

The troops also know the real John Kerry and other Democrat’s loathing of the military. In an effort to continue his liberal propaganda against President Bush, the real John Kerry showed up to play. At a campaign stop in California, Kerry decided it was a good time to tell us how he feels about the United States military. Remember how this rich man who looks down on you from his Beacon Hill home, feels about you and our country!

Press the play button to hear Senator Cut and Run’s remark.

An Election For The Ages

It’s November and that means cooler weather, yardwork, competitive football and elections! This years mid-term election is one of the most important of recent history and could possibly turn out to be one of the most important of not only American history but world history. I am a conservative but I do make it a rule to inform myself of the views and opinions of both sides of the political spectrum. The most important thing I can tell you about this election is, you need to go VOTE! I think everyone who pays attention to politics knows this election is critical and they can see the huge power struggle being carried out right in front of our eyes.

The Democrats think they are poised to take control of Congress back from the Republicans, the polls do to. That is all good and well for those who follow polls. The polls we listened to on election day in 2004 told us that John Kerry would be our next President. In the weeks leading up to the election this November 7th, we have seen various indicators that tell us the polls people are citing cannot be trusted. One of the major pollsters, who many base their predictions upon is John Zogby. Zogby has joined on with the new liberal radio network Nova M Radio second brainchild of Anita and Sheldon Drobny founders of the bankrupt brainchild Air America. Zogby’s vested interest in the success of this new”Air America” leads to an inescapable conflict of interest. Yet major news media outlets still quote and rely on the Zogby polls for their news stories. With this kind of reporting, it’s no wonder that the Democrats think they are a shoe-in this fall.

I want to emphasize that I am by no means discounting the Democrats in this election I am merely calling into question the polls that cite them as taking back control. I feel that the Democrats are close enough in numbers to regain some seats and if enough of the people they have registered as Democrats actually go and exercise their right, it is possible that the power could shift. I say this not because I am a liberal supporter or apologist, I say this because I think America is in the midst of an ideological civil war and a few votes either way could tip the balance. I guess one could say that we have always been at war ideologically, but it has never been quite as split or as heated as it is today or since Florida 2000. There is an outright hatred for George W. Bush coming from the left that spills over into a hatred for all of the right. I feel that the current ideological divide is so heated that at the minimum, we are going to see stronger support for third parties and at the maximum an utter collapse of the current political structure. I think the former has always been true in our society and I feel the latter is something that is welcomed by the extremist views of both sides including the current leadership of the Democratic party.

What we do at the polls next week is going to define America and what the world thinks of America. If we go to the polls next week and give the power to the passive Democrats and in turn they pull our troops out of Iraq, it will be a clear message to those who wish harm to freedom, a message that says, go ahead, have your way with us and with anyone you do not like. There are a few phrases that the world’s terrorists have been hearing and it is something they like, things like “Cut and Run” and “Iraq Timetable” have been mouthed by the left in an effort to agree with certain polls stating that a majority of Americans think going into Iraq was a mistake, remember my previous point about polls. What is most interesting, is that in most of the close congressional races across the country, Democrat candidates do not support an Iraq pullout. To me, a sign of true liberal loss of a backbone.

One of the most important things to remember when you head to exercise your right to vote, is that, historically elections have been won because of a focus on the issues. In the recent weeks leading up to this election we have seen lots of dirty politics from the left. The left loves to pull the dirty politics card when power hangs in the balance, we have seen the left do everything in their power to smear Senator candidate George Allen by labelling him a racist based on the statements of a few individuals, while completely ignoring the statements of those who seek to tell the truth of Allen’s opponent Jim Webb who gave up chasing down and scaring black folks in Watts with a gun. Webb though has given up the racist for the sexually perverted, writing novels that include little boys putting their private parts into the mouths of their fathers. In my eyes, defending this writing as fiction and not proclaiming it filth, tells me the Democrats subscribe to this and approve. It’s a startling picture to have in your mind when you go to the polls, especially if you have to use a touch screen voting machine.

To me the main issue of this election is terrorism and America’s national security. I want leaders who will stand up for America and not bow down to terrorists who want to kill me and my friends and family. The very idea that Democrats want to give terrorists a timetable for when we are going to pull our troops out of Iraq, tells me that Democrats really do not care about national security much less the United States of America.

It is because of the course we are on today that we do not have to worry about risking our lives by going to exercise our right to vote. It is because of the course we are on today that we do not have to worry about our loved ones lives being at risk when shopping for Christmas. The Democrats want to change that course and if they are given that opportunity, we won’t have to worry about who is a racist or who is a pervert, we will be much more concerned with whether or not we or our loved ones will come back from (insert your destination or pastime here) not. Remember this when you go exercise your right to vote.

wtc-plane.jpg 108136.jpg

Don’t ever forget how terrorists changed our lives on 9/11/2001. Don’t forget who wants America to quit.