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A Day To Pause, Honor and, Remember


On this, the day we observe the founding of freedom in our country, it is important to remember that freedom comes at a cost. Without our brave soldiers, who are fighting now, those soldiers who have fought and those who have given all, we would have no freedom.

Without those who are willing to fight and willing to put up with hatred and criticism fired along with bullets in their direction, there would be no freedom to protect.

Without those that have died for you and me, there would be no America to protect.

 In honor of and rememberance of those who protect me and those who have sacrificed their very lives, thank you!


It’s O.k. to Cry


It is very hard to find the words, words to describe or even to just talk about the tragedy that unfolded yesterday on the campus of Virginia Tech.

Life, as we all know is precious. Life is something that we all take for granted, like a raindrop that falls right in front of our eyes, yet we don’t see it, because we take it for granted. It was there, but in a split second it is gone.

I didn’t know anyone who died at VT and I don’t think I know anyone who knew them, but I feel like I did. I am absolutely heartbroken for this to have happened. I have seen the fallout of a parent losing a child firsthand, it hurts to see it happen to someone else and I just don’t think there is anything other than going through it that can give you the same feeling. My first feeling was to pray for those involved and their families. My second thought was, Why?

Why did this happen? Today as the events themselves have happened and the sorrow, the questions and, the blame come, we are starting to find out that it was jealousy and hatred that seem to have sparked the senseless violence that led to a needless loss of life. I’m sure there will be many, many more questions and much more blame to be issued, it is important to not let the people who perished nor their loved ones be forgotten in the days, weeks, months and years to come.

My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to those directly or indirectly affected by this tragedy.

Remembering His sacrifice…

Honoring Our Military



With our service men and women putting their lives on the line day in and day out for our country, it can be easy to take what they do for us, for granted. It is a shame really. I feel that we live in dangerous times and at any moment, like September 11, 2001, our lives can be changed forever. Some of you may feel the same way. It is important to remember our military men and women who have, so graciously put their lives on the line to protect America.

It saddens me to hear our elected officials denigrate these fine people by politically motivated comments that seem as if they come from nowhere like a drive by shooting, or a homicide bomber. Sen. John Kerry told us that if we were stupid, we would get stuck in Iraq. Sen. Dick Durbin compared our troops to nazis and communists. These kinds of comments cast a cloud over the armed forces that the soldiers do not deserve and no politician should be allowed to prepare themselves for re-election by speaking badly of them.

With the war on terror’s main front in Iraq, it is easy to forget about other troops who work and fight elsewhere to provide the blanket of security we all pull close. Our military is engaged in thousands of missions around the globe that keep America safe and help out those in need. I recently read an article about a squadron of American troops that is currently in Nicaragua, building medical and educational facilities for the people there.


“Almost 250 U.S. military members, under the lead of the 820th Expeditionary Red Horse Squadron out of Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., in conjunction with the Nicaraguan government, are scheduled to build a two-room schoolhouse in San Martin de la Calera and a five-room medical clinic in Buena Vista. They will also provide free medical care during three scheduled Medical Readiness Training Exercises and will donated a water well the 820th ERHS members built for Camp Red Horse to the town after the exercise.”

“Camp Red Horse Commander Lt. Col. Aaron Young praised the Nicaraguans’ hospitality and commended the Airmen’s, Soldiers’ and Marines’ hard work that has already poured into the community since Feb. 5. He closed out with expressing his expectations of his team – nothing less than excellence.”

“We’re making a huge impact,” he said. “For Red Horse, that’s our business, we do full-up construction. Once we leave Nicaragua, we’ll definitely impact the community and leave permanent structures that will benefit them for many years to come. Everybody is proud of being able to contribute and work together.”

These are the kind of stories that our media should present to the American people alongside those daily, if not hourly reports from Iraq. Without these kind of stories, one would almost think the media in this country had an agenda. I salute the 820th Red Horse squadron and all of the troops who are under it’s command. You all do so much that America can be proud of and we are. Thank you.

Hillary Clinton, The Convenient Anti-Racist


During a campaign visit to South Carolina, Senator Clinton announced that she would like to see the Confederate battle flag removed from the Statehouse grounds. The Associated Press article describing the event quoted Hillary,

“I think about how many South Carolinians have served in our military and who are serving today under our flag and I believe that we should have one flag that we all pay honor to, as I know that most people in South Carolina do every single day,”

“I personally would like to see it removed from the Statehouse grounds,”

Knowing full well that the press in this country cannot be trusted to tell the whole story, it is with caution that I assume that Hillary did not say she wanted the flag to be taken down because it is represents the racism to many in this country. Then again, why should caution be used in assuming this? Hillary’s statements are classic Clinton excrement. Her statement shows the fake campaign promise nobility that she and the former excrement in chief are so good at. Clinton had the perfect chance to take a stand against the Confederate battle flag but decided that might be to polarizing and detrimental to her campaign. She chose to deny black people a true ally in the fight against the symbol of racism that flies in their faces everyday, just to not offend too many supporters (constituents) of the flag.

The funny thing is, it is nothing new. Hillary has been doing this for a long time now. She is after all, married to Bill Clinton. When Bill was the Governor of Arkansas his reaching out to African-Americans was over and above,

“In April 1985, Governor Bill Clinton signed Act 985 into law, making the birthdates of Martin Luther King Jr. (the preeminent leader of the civil-rights movement) and Robert E. Lee (the general who led the Confederate army) state holidays on the same day. Of course, the word “segregation” never passed Clinton’s considerable lips, but the (uncoded) message he was sending to certain of his white constituents could not have be clearer. His support for the Lee day seems as bad — if not worse — than a gaffe at an old man’s birthday party and Lott’s opposition to an MLK day.”

“Clinton had a Confederate flag-like issue of his own. Arkansas Code Annotated, Section 1-5-107, provides as follows:

(a) The Saturday immediately preceding Easter Sunday of each year is designated as ‘Confederate Flag Day’ in this state.

(b) No person, firm, or corporation shall display an Confederate flag or replica thereof in connection with any advertisement of any commercial enterprise, or in any manner for any purpose except to honor the Confederate States of America. [Emphasis added.]

(c) Any person, firm, or corporation violating the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be fined not less than one hundred dollars ($100) nor more than one thousand dollars ($1,000).”

This law existed on the books and in twelve years as Arkansas Governor, he never sought to have it repealed.

“Governor Clinton was among three state officials the NAACP sued in 1989 under the federal Voting Rights Act of 1965. “Plaintiffs offered plenty of proof of monolithic voting along racial lines, intimidation of black voters and candidates and other official acts that made voting harder for blacks,” the Arkansas Gazette reported December 6, 1989. It added: “the evidence at the trial was indeed overwhelming that the Voting Rights Act had been violated.”

“During his 12-year tenure, Governor Clinton never approved a state civil-rights law. However, he did issue birthday proclamations honoring Confederate leaders Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee. He also signed Act 116 in 1987. That statute reconfirmed that the star directly above the word “Arkansas” in the state flag “is to commemorate the Confederate States of America.” Arkansas also observed Confederate Flag Day every year Clinton served. The governor’s silence was consent.”

“Clinton praised Arkansas’ late Democratic senator J. William Fulbright, a notorious segregationist who opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act. He also signed the Southern Manifesto, which denounced the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark Brown vs. Board of Education school desegregation decision in 1954. Clinton called Fulbright “My mentor, a visionary, a humanitarian.”

All of this, yet The Democrat Party is silent, liberals are silent.

Hillary was always and is silent to racism that she sees and participates in because of the spineless silence she exhibits when presented with an opportunity to fight against it. The votes that giver her power mean more to her than, the pain and suffering of those who have been beaten down and torn by the reality of racism.

Hillary a fake? Everyone already knows this!

Today’s Wall Street Journal included an opinion column that points out the wavering, flip-flopping, unsteady mind of Hillary Clinton over the past 5 years. This kind of thinking and logic is very infantile and coming from someone who presents herself as a leader, is an absolute joke!

Here is what the Journal pointed out,

October 10, 2002. Mrs. Clinton addresses the Senate on the use-of-force resolution. “The facts that have brought us to this fateful vote are not in doubt,” she declares, citing Saddam’s record of using chemical weapons, the invasion of Kuwait, and his history of deceiving U.N. weapons inspectors. “As a result, President Clinton, with the British and others, ordered an intensive four-day air assault, Operation Desert Fox, on known and suspected weapons of mass destruction sites and other military targets,” she continues, adding that Saddam “has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including al Qaeda members.”

While she expresses her preference for working through the U.N. if possible, she adds, “I believe the authority to use force to enforce that mandate is inherent in the original 1991 U.N. resolution, as President Clinton recognized when he launched Operation Desert Fox in 1998.”

December 15, 2003. It is clear by now that no large stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction will be found in Iraq. But Mrs. Clinton tells the Council on Foreign Relations that “Yesterday was a good day. I was thrilled that Saddam Hussein had finally been captured. . . . We owe a great debt of gratitude to our troops, to the President, to our intelligence services, to all who had a hand in apprehending Saddam. Now he will be brought to justice.”

She adds, “I was one who supported giving President Bush the authority, if necessary, to use force against Saddam Hussein. I believe that that was the right vote.” As for Iraq’s prospects, she declares herself “a little optimistic and a little pessimistic . . . We have no option but to stay involved and committed.”

April 20, 2004. Mrs. Clinton tells Larry King: “I don’t regret giving the President the authority because at the time it was in the context of weapons of mass destruction, grave threats to the United States, and clearly, Saddam Hussein had been a real problem for the international community for more than a decade.” Asked whether she thinks she was “fooled,” she replies: “The consensus was the same, from the Clinton Administration to the Bush Administration. It was the same intelligence belief that our allies and friends around the world shared about the weapons of mass destruction.”

October 2005. Antiwar fervor on the left is picking up, and activist Cindy Sheehan compares her to Rush Limbaugh after Mrs. Clinton tells the Village Voice: “My bottom line is that I don’t want their sons to die in vain. . . . I don’t believe it’s smart to set a date for withdrawal . . . I don’t think it’s the right time to withdraw.”

November 2005. Mrs. Clinton posts a letter to constituents that marks her first dovish turn. “If Congress had been asked [to authorize the war], based on what we know now, we never would have agreed,” she writes. But invoking retired General Eric Shinseki’s estimate of more American troops necessary to pacify Iraq, she demands not withdrawal but a new plan: “It is time for the President to stop serving up platitudes and present us with a plan for finishing this war with success and honor–not a rigid timetable that terrorists can exploit, but a public plan for winning and concluding the war.”

August 3, 2006. Mrs. Clinton calls for Donald Rumsfeld to resign as Defense Secretary, asking for “new leadership that would give us a fighting chance to turn the situation around before it’s too late.”

December 18, 2006. Her march left gains speed. On NBC’s “Today” show, Mrs. Clinton renounces her war vote unequivocally for the first time: “I certainly wouldn’t have voted that way.”

January 13, 2007. From Baghdad, Mrs. Clinton responds to Mr. Bush’s plan to send more troops to Iraq to secure Baghdad: “I don’t know that the American people or the Congress at this point believe this mission can work. And in the absence of a commitment that is backed up by actions from the Iraqi government, why should we believe it?”

January 17, 2007. Mrs. Clinton calls for capping the number of U.S. troops in Iraq, saying she will introduce legislation to do so. And while she says she won’t block money for the troops, she suggests withholding funds for the Iraqi government. It is precisely such a funds cut-off to the South Vietnamese government in 1975 that led to the final U.S. flight from Saigon.

January 27, 2007. On the campaign trail in Iowa, Mrs. Clinton demands that President Bush “extricate our country from this before he leaves office.” And she promises that, if elected, she will end the war quickl

Don\’t Be Fooled By John McCain\’s \”Conservatism\”

Just because McCain looks to be pandering to the conservatives now does not mean he is one. This idiot needs to be told early on that he is not our guy.